Generic Skin Care Medications For Sale



Acticin is an anti-parasite medication used mainly to treat infestation with Sarcoptes scabiei and head lice.


Betapace is a beta-blocker used to improve symptoms of arrhythmia, it affects heart and blood circulation.

Brand Retino-a Cream

0.025mg, 0.05mg

Brand Temovate

Brand Temovate is corticosteroid. It is used to treat eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders. Used to treat auto-immune diseases.


Elimite is used to treat head lice and scabies.


Elocon is a synthetic glucocorticoid used on the skin to relieve itching, inflammation of eczema, dermatitis, allergy and other skin rashes.


Fulvicin is generically known as griseofulvin and is commonly prescribed to treat fungal infections, typically of the skin, nails, or hair. This antifungal can be used to treat jock itch, athlete’s foot, barber’s itch, as well as other external fungal infections. Fulvicin is used like an antibiotic but is used for fungus related infections rather than bacterial infections.


Furacin can be used in treatment infections. It works by killing bacteria or preventing their growth.


250mg, 500mg
Ilosone is an antibiotic which is often generically prescribed as erythromycin and is a member of the family of drugs known as macrolide antibiotics. Ilosone has been known to produce heart related life threatening events in patients who are simultaneously taking medications such as cisapride, pimozide, terfenadine, or astemizole. Ilosone has also been associated with severe diarrhea that will present with bloody or watery stools. Patients should be advised that this could be a sign of a new infection and should contact the prescribing physician instead of taking anti-diarrhea medications.


100mg, 25mg
Cyclosporine is used to prevent organ rejection after a kidney, liver, or heart transplant.

Retin-a Cream

0.025mg, 0.05mg

Retin-a Gel

0.01mg, 0.025mg