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Micronase is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes that happens when the body does not have produce enough insulin, or the body fails to make use of it properly. Micronase may be used alone and or with another drug called metformin in case diet and other medication fails in controlling sugar levels.

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Medical Conditions

Generic Micronase is used to treat or prevent the following medical conditions or diceases:

Generic Micronase Information

Micronase is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes that happens when the body does not have produce enough insulin, or the body fails to make use of it properly. Micronase may be used alone and or with another drug called metformin in case diet and other medication fails in controlling sugar levels.

Most doctors remind their patients that Micronase is an aid and not a substitute for good exercise and healthy diet. Failure to follow a good diet and regular exercise schedule can lead to more serious complications like precariously high levels of blood sugar.

Micronase is taken during breakfast. In case a patient misses a dose, take a dosage immediately and go back to the regular dosing schedule. Patients should not take 2 doses simultaneously. Micronase must be kept in a container and stored at room temperature. It must be kept away from reach of children and animals.

For adults, Micronase can be taken initially up to 5 milligrams per dose. Maintenance therapy may range from at least 20 milligrams per day. Taking of doses more than 20 milligrams in a day is not recommended. Usually, Micronase is taken only once per day, however those who are taking more than 10 mg in a day may get better if they take 2 doses a day.

For older patients, lower dosage is recommended so as to lessen the chances of them contracting hypoglycemia. This goes with other debilitated and malnourished individuals and those who have problems with their liver and kidney functions.

Overdosage of Micronase can result to severe case of hypoglycemia like pales skin, difficulty in breathing, and seizure. It is important that patients inform their doctor immediately in case they experience these conditions.

Side effects that may occur while using Micronase include heartburn, bloating, and nausea.

Patients who are allergic to this drug or similar medications like Diabinese and Glucotrol should also not use Micronase. This drug should also not be taken if a person is suffering from a condition called diabetic ketoacidosis, which is caused by lack of insulin and has symptoms like fatigue, excessive thirst, pain in the breastbone, nausea, and fruity breath.

Drugs like Micronase can also lead to various heart ailments. Those who have problems with their heart functions should discuss their conditions with their doctor before agreeing to take this medication.

The effectiveness of Micronase can decrease over time due to diminished responsiveness of the drug or worsening state of diabetes among patients.

When taken with other drugs, Micronase may have its effectiveness decreased or altered. It is imperative that patients inform their doctors of any drugs they are taking before agreeing to take Micronase. Also inform the doctor of any over the counter medication, herbal product that is being taken before using Micronase.

Some of the medication that can interact with Micronase include aspirin, antacids like Mylanta, anabolic steroids, beta blockers like Inderal and Tenormin, airway opening medications like Ventolin and Proventil, Procardia, Clofibrate, Gemfibrozil, Estrogens like Premarin, Cimetidine, antibiotics like Cipro, blood thinners like Coumadin, and Isoniazid.

Alternative names or trademarks of Generic Micronase

Micronase may be marketed under different names in various countries. All of them contain Glyburide as main ingredient. Some of them are the following:

Glibenclamide, Basstiverit, Calabren, Diabetamide, Euglucan, Glibenbeta, Hemi-doanil, Libanil, Micronase, Semi-daonil, Semi-euglucon, Agobilina, Benclamid, Diabe Pass, Diabemin, Euglucon, Gardoton, Glentor, Glibemida, Gliptid, Glitral, Gon, Pira, Siruc, Glimel, Dia-eptal, Gilemal, Glucobene, Bevoren, Aglucil, Benclamin, Clamiben, Diabetty's, Diabexil, Glibenclamon, Glionil, Lisaglucon, Gen-glybe, Mezalit, Humedia, Maninil, Hexaglucon, Hemi-daonil, Origlucon, Duraglucon N, Glib-ratiopharm, Glukovital, Semi-euglucon N, Deroctyl, Glitisol, Xeltic, Glybovin, Glemicid, Mibeclag, Norboral, Reglusan, Amecladin, Diabitor, Glymod, Lodulce, Orabetic, Sentionyl, Euclamin, Betanase, Norglicem, Glibenorme, Glibesifar, Melix, Bnil, Daono, Debtan, Gluzo, Locose, Manoglucon, Sugril, Dianorm, Diyaben, Gliciron

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