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Parlodel is a brand name for bromocriptine mesylate. This drug is given in tablet or capsule form, and can be prescribed alone or with other medications for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. When treating Parkinson’s, it can increase your mobility and decrease your shakiness, as well as improving your stiffness, slowness, and unsteadiness. Parlodel is also given for hormonal problems that result from an excess of prolactin. If you have too much prolactin, you may find yourself producing unwanted breast milk, missing periods, having difficulty becoming pregnant, having reduced sperm production, and being unable to function sexually. Parlodel is also used to treat the production of too much growth hormone, and for the reduction of tumors which secrete prolactin. Parlodel works by helping to restore the level of dopamine in the brain and reduce the level of growth hormone and prolactin, but it does not cure the original cause of the imbalance.