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Motilium improves upper gastrointestinal motility disordered in patients with chronic and sub-acute gastritis and diabetic gastroparesis.

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  • Active ingredient: Domperidone
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Motilium is a drug that is not used in the United States, but is regularly prescribed in Canada. It is generically known as domperidone and is used to treat nausea and vomiting, caused by other drugs prescribed to combat Parkinson’s disease, by increasing the constrictions and movements of the stomach and bowels. Patients should take this medication as prescribed by their physician. While taking this medication, it will be important to assess regular lab tests and it will be important to keep follow up appoints with the physician to monitor the drug’s effectiveness. Do not discontinue use of Motilium without the health care provider’s knowledge and do not alter dose amount without the physician’s direction.

If a dose is skipped, take as soon as possible. Do not take two doses at once. If it is almost time for the next regularly scheduled dose, the missed dose should be skipped to avoid the potential for an overdose. Signs of overdose may include difficulty speaking, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, disorientation, lightheadedness and loss of muscle control. If overdose is suspected, the patient should seek immediate medical attention.

There are common side effects that may occur while taking Motilium. Loss of balance or muscle control, swelling of face, throat, lips, tongue, lower limbs or feet and fast and irregular heartbeat are side effects that need to be brought to the attention of the prescribing physician, if they occur. Headaches, hives, hot flashes, itching of skin, redness, rash, pain or swelling of eye, menstrual irregularities and pain in the breast are all side effects that may occur but usually go away once the body has adjusted to the medication. If these symptoms do not go away or are overly bothersome, then report them to the prescribing physician.

Some patients may experience severe side effects, which require immediate medical assistance. In the event that the patient experiences side effects including light headedness, irregular heart rate, disorientation, dizziness, fainting, difficulty with speech, loss of balance or coordination, or loss of muscle control, the patient should be taken to the nearest emergency medical facility.

Before taking this medication, it is always advisable to discuss any pre-existing conditions with a health care provider. Motilium is not used in the United States, so there is not a pregnancy rating for this drug; however, it is not known to cause birth defects in laboratory animals. This drug can be excreted through breast feeding; therefore, the discontinued practice of breast feeding should be strongly recommended while taking Motilium. This drug and its effect have not been tested on the elderly or on children, so extreme caution must be given if prescribing to anyone fitting the criteria. If the patient should have had any problems with the medical conditions including bleeding from the stomach or any other problems with the bowels, brain tumor or liver disease, then it is imperative the prescribing physician has this knowledge prior to dispensing Motilium. Patients with this sort of medical history may not be able to tolerate this medication, or may require cautious and continuous monitoring while undergoing drug therapy with this medication.

The prescribing physician should thoroughly evaluate the patient’s current medical status as well as current medications prior to prescribing Motilium. Patients should never take additional medications without first consulting with the prescribing physician. There may be a drug interaction with any monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors. It is important to notify the physician of any over-the-counter medications, herbal medicines or dietary supplements that are being taken.

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